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Correcting Broken Teeth, Discolored Teeth, and Uneven Teeth

At South Oak Dental, we offer professional dental cleaning services. Regular dental cleanings are the cornerstone of preventative dentistry. One of our dental hygienists will carefully remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, clean and polish them, and guide you with personalized oral hygiene recommendations based on your overall health as well as your oral health. 

Dental cleanings can help prevent these issues from arising, so don’t wait until you notice dental concerns to book a dental visit.

Soft Tissue Management Program

Soft tissue management is an advanced non-surgical plan of action created to control periodontal disease and eliminate inflammation and infection in the gums.

Our dental hygienists carefully examine the gums to assess the condition and make recommendations in order to help control periodontal disease. Studies have linked periodontal disease to many chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and many other systemic conditions.

Soft tissue management is more in depth and through than a regular dental cleaning. It involves a personalized approach to managing each patient’s periodontal health, while providing guidance and education on improving your periodontal health.

This is done during your cleaning appointment at South Oak Dental for no additional cost, our goal is to help improve your periodontal condition.

Preventing Common Oral Health Issues

Professional dental cleanings are a critical part of dental hygiene and maintaining oral health. These cleanings are completed by dental hygienists who have completed dental hygiene programs, and include a checkup by a dentist.

They help prevent dental problems, and ensure your smile remains healthy.

What Happens During the Cleaning Process?

A typical dental cleaning appointment includes several important steps:

Physical Examination

Dental hygienists begin by examining the teeth and gums, checking for any visible issues or concerns.

Plaque and Tartar Removal

Using specialized tools, dental hygienists carefully remove plaque and tartar from the surfaces of teeth, especially in hard-to-reach areas.


After the thorough cleaning, the teeth are polished to remove surface stains.


Dental hygienists then floss between the teeth to ensure no food particles remain.


Fluoride Treatment

A fluoride treatment may be applied to strengthen tooth enamel and provide extra protection against cavities.

Check Up by Dentist

Afterwards, a dentist performs an examination of your teeth, gums, and screens for oral health concerns, including oral cancer.

Benefits of Professional Cleanings by Dental Hygienists

Plaque and Tartar Removal

Even with excellent dental hygiene practices, such as daily brushing and flossing, plaque and tartar can build up.

Over time, plaque, a sticky film of bacteria, builds up on teeth and hardens into tartar, a rough, porous deposit which houses bacteria, and which cannot be removed through regular brushing and flossing.

Professional cleanings effectively eliminate these harmful deposits, leading to a brighter-looking smile, and reducing the oral health risks associated with plaque and tartar.

Early Detection of Issues

Furthermore, dental cleaning appointments provide an opportunity for dentists to identify any potential issues at the earliest possible states, and offer preventive measures or minor restorations, before more complex or invasive procedures are needed.

Cavities can be identified before you may even notice any symptoms, and gum disease can be spotted at the earliest stages of gingivitis, when the gum disease can still be reversed. Oral cancer is a significant concern that can also be diagnosed early, allowing for prompt treatment and improved outcomes.

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Benefiting Patients of All Ages

Professional dental cleanings are beneficial for patients of all ages, including children.
Regular cleanings for children establish good oral hygiene habits early in life, and are a great opportunity to educate them in an age-appropriate way about taking care of their smiles. Cleanings also ensure that any issues with the development of teeth or the jaw are identified and addressed promptly.

Teens can benefit, as any issues from emerging wisdom teeth, misaligned teeth, and other concerns are identified early for treatment, and to reinforce the importance of good dental hygiene.

Adults benefit from cleanings to maintain their oral health and prevent dental problems. Early detection of issues can save both time and money in the long run.

As people age, their oral health needs can change. Regular cleanings are essential for seniors to address issues like gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss, and manage any existing dental conditions.

Preventing Gum Disease

Regular cleanings help prevent the onset of gum disease, which starts as gingivitis, and progresses to a more severe form of periodontal disease. Removing tartar which irritates gums and the bacteria which infects them helps prevent gum disease, or prevents it from progressing.

Gum disease can lead to tooth and bone loss and other oral health concerns if left untreated. By removing the bacterial buildup that contributes to gum disease, professional teeth cleanings eliminate a critical factor in the development of gum disease.

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Preventing Tooth Decay

Professional dental cleanings remove tartar and the bacteria it holds. Oral bacteria releases acids that erode tooth enamel, decaying teeth and leading to cavities. Since dental hygienists safely remove this tartar during professional cleanings, the risks of tooth decay are decreased.

Regular cleanings ensure that tartar does not have the opportunity to contribute to oral health issues.

Anxious Patients

If you’re an anxious patient, we offer a relaxed environment, and take time to ensure we address any questions or concerns you have. Our friendly staff works hard to provide a positive, anxiety-free experience for all patients. Sedation options are available, too.

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