A More Discreet Alternative
To Amalgam Or Silver Fillings

White Fillings Oakville

Restore Decayed Teeth, Cracked Teeth, And Chips

What Are White Fillings?

Composite Fillings To Repair Teeth

White fillings are a dental treatment that fill cavities, once all of the tooth decay and damaged tooth particles have been removed. These match the colour of your enamel for a natural appearance, and can be applied in an easy, non-invasive procedure.

They are an effective way to restore the structure, strength, and function of natural teeth that have been chipped, damaged, or are decayed. South Oak Dental offers these durable, long-lasting, and nearly invisible restorations to repair our patients’ teeth.

Do You Need a Filling?


It’s critical for your oral health to have decay or damage treated as soon as possible, so if you are experiencing any symptoms of an issue, be sure to have them checked out. Holes or dark spots on a tooth, toothache or sensitivity, are all signs of decay.

Even if your tooth is not very painful at the time, if you notice these signs, book an appointment right away. Otherwise, the tooth decay can spread, creating more significant issues. If left, you may need a more complex treatment, like root canal therapy, or risk losing the tooth. Cavities weaken a tooth, so after removing decay and infection, a filling is needed to strengthen it.

A decayed tooth will only get more painful, and cause more issues, so don’t delay. At South Oak Dental, we make sure you are comfortable, and will restore your tooth with a virtually invisible white filling.

Treatment of Tooth Decay and Damage, While Maintaining a Natural Appearance

At South Oak Dental, we use composite resin dental fillings, which offer benefits over other types of fillings. They treat your decayed tooth, while also bonding to the natural tooth for added strength and longevity, plus the colour blends with your natural tooth for a highly aesthetic result.

White fillings are virtually pain free, a local anesthetic is given prior to the procedure to make the whole process painless and comfortable.

The composite resin material that is used for these white tooth fillings can be placed using an impression or digital scan, to repair chips and worn or otherwise damaged teeth, so your tooth looks whole again.

Composite white fillings are durable, and can last for many years if good oral hygiene is practised..

Comparison of Composite Fillings to Amalgam Fillings and Other Fillings

Metal amalgam fillings, including silver fillings or gold fillings, are very visible, especially on front teeth. Even for back teeth, silver amalgam fillings can be quite noticeable, and make the tooth more prone to fractures. On the other hand, the tooth-coloured resin material of white fillings matches teeth for invisible restoration.

Metal fillings can cause allergic reactions and tooth sensitivity, too. Composite resin white fillings are hypoallergenic and do not cause sensitivity, since they have protective, insulating properties.

Silver fillings also require more of the tooth to be removed for these dental fillings to be placed, whereas composite resin white fillings are more conservative and bond to the natural tooth structure.

Composite white fillings are more versatile, more conservative, and look great compared to other types of dental fillings.

Procedure For White Fillings

Our dentist will examine your teeth, and take x-rays or perform other diagnostics to assess your situation, and make sure there are no additional concerns.
An individual treatment plan will be developed for you, and the material for your white filling will be matched to your natural tooth colour.
If necessary, you will be given an anesthetic before starting the procedure. Minor dental fillings don’t usually require anesthetic, however.
Perfect smile before and after bleaching procedure whitening of zircon arch ceramic prothesis Implants crowns. Dental restoration treatment clinic patient. Result of oral surgery dentistry,

The decayed tooth will be carefully cleaned out to remove the damaged tooth material. A bonding layer is applied before the composite resin material. Composite fillings are applied in layers and can be shaped using an impression or digital scan to restore the tooth as desired. Each layer is cured with a special light.

Dental crowns are sometimes placed on heavily decayed teeth to restore strength to the weakened tooth. Crowns are highly aesthetic, look like natural teeth, and are shade matched to fit your smile.


Don’t Delay Treatment