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Oral Surgery Services

At South Oak Dental, we offer oral surgery services in Oakville for a variety of dental issues. This may be intimidating, but rest assured, our dedicated team led by Dr. Sidiura is here to put your worries to rest. We also offer sedation dentistry to put you at ease and make you more comfortable during any oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures.

Our mission is to provide you with a welcoming and comfortable environment while ensuring you are well-informed about your procedure. Your oral health is our priority, and we are committed to making your experience as positive as possible.

Oral Surgery Services We Offer

Extractions and Wisdom Teeth Removal

Dental extractions, including the removal of wisdom teeth, are common oral surgery procedures at our Oakville dental clinic. An extraction can be intimidating, but when performed in-office, we can minimize discomfort and ensure a smoother recovery.

At South Oak Dental, we are proud to offer atraumatic tooth removal. These procedures help preserve more bone and reduce the stress on the surrounding supporting facial structures. This approach promotes faster healing and reduces post-operative pain, making the experience more comfortable for our patients.

In certain cases, we may recommend bone preservation techniques to conserve bone for potential future implant placement.

Our dentist will develop a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. Next, we’ll explain the surgical procedure, discuss oral anesthesia options, and provide guidance on pre- and post-operative care. We aim to make the process as comfortable as possible, ensuring that you receive the appropriate treatment, whether it’s a simple extraction or a more complex surgical removal.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Between the ages of 16 and 25, wisdom teeth may start to erupt. Sometimes, there is not enough room in the mouth for them, and they may become trapped beneath the gum tissue or jawbone or come in at awkward angles. They can cause pain, infection, damage to other teeth, and other oral health concerns. Wisdom tooth extractions are often necessary to prevent these complications, promote oral health, and alleviate discomfort associated with these third molars.

Root Canal Therapy

At South Oak Dental, Dr. Sidiura offers root canal therapy services. Root canal infections are extremely painful, and put you at risk of losing your tooth. Patients with a root canal infection should seek treatment as soon as possible.

This common dental procedure can save a severely damaged or infected tooth, eliminating the need for extraction. It involves removing the infected or inflamed pulp from inside the tooth and replacing it with a filling material. This seals the tooth, preventing further damage and restoring the tooth. A dental crown may be used to further strengthen the tooth.

A root canal treatment relieves the pain associated with a root canal infection, and prevents the infection from spreading and causing further issues. By saving the tooth, it helps patients avoid the health problems associated with a missing tooth.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth can lead to significant oral health issues, including bone loss and further tooth loss. When you chew and bite, tooth roots stimulate the surrounding bone tissue. However, when a tooth is missing, this stimulation is lost, leading to bone loss.

As your jawbone starts to shrink from bone loss, it can alter the shape of your face, affecting your cheekbones and lips. Remaining teeth may drift or loosen without the original tooth to maintain the space, potentially leading to even further tooth loss. Jaw pain and headaches may also become a concern. A dental implant is an excellent solution to the concerns of missing teeth.

A dental implant acts as an artificial tooth root to prevent these oral health issues. Dental implants mimic natural tooth roots, providing the necessary stimulation to maintain bone density, and looks very aesthetic. This prevents bone loss, preserves facial structure, and ensures the stability of your remaining natural teeth.

At South Oak Dental, we are proud to offer dental implants for our patients with missing teeth.

Sedation Dentistry for Your Comfort

We understand that dental anxiety is a common concern. That’s why we offer dental sedation options for our patients.

Sedation is an excellent solution for patients who may have fear or apprehension about dental procedures. It is also beneficial for those undergoing longer or more involved treatments. Your comfort is our priority, and we encourage you to discuss your pain management and comfort options with Dr. Sidiura.

Nitrous Oxide

Dr. Sidiura offers nitrous oxide, a safe and effective sedation option, to make your dental procedures as smooth and comfortable as possible. Whether you require a dental extraction or a more complex treatment, nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, can help ease your anxiety and ensure a more pleasant experience.

Oral Sedation

We also offer oral sedation options. Dr. Sidiura will discuss your options, and recommend which may be right for you.

Don’t Delay Your Necessary Oral Surgery

At South Oak Dental, we are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care and comfort during your oral surgery experience. We offer anaesthetic to minimize any discomfort, as well as sedation dentistry

Our dentist, Dr. Sidiura, and our friendly team are here to answer all of your questions, address any concerns, and guide you through every step of your procedure. We take pride in creating a welcoming environment where your oral health and well-being are our top priorities.

Don’t let fear or uncertainty hold you back. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for your oral surgery.